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Petro Royal Middle East oil trading company

Our primary function is to engage in the physical and financial trading of oil and oil derivatives. We buy oil from various sources, including oil producers, refineries, and other trading companies. We then sell the oil to endusers, such as refineries, power plants, and industrial companies.

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Petro Royal Middle East operate in a highly dynamic and volatile market

In addition to physical trading, we are also involved in financial trading, including futures and options contracts. This enables us to hedge our positions and manage price and market risks effectively.

We always have an extensive network of relationships with oil producers, refiners, storage facilities, transportation providers, and other market participants. We rely on these relationships to ensure a smooth supply chain and timely delivery of oilto meet our customers' requirements.

Petro Royal Middle East oil trading company

Petro Royal Middle East operate

Through cutting-edge technology, efficient operations, and continuous innovation, we aim to meet the growing global demand for energy while minimizing our carbon footprint and contributing to the global transition towards a low carbon future. We strive to create long-term value for our shareholders and stakeholders by fostering transparent and ethical business practices, nurturing strong partnerships, and investing in the development of our employees and the communities we serve.

Mission statement

Our mission is to be a leading oil company dedicated to delivering reliable and sustainable energy solutions while prioritizing safety

Vision statement

Our vision is to become the leading provider of innovative and sustainable energy solutions

We aim to create a future where energy is abundant, affordable, and environmentally friendly, while constantly striving for operational excellence and delivering value to our stakeholders.